Saturday, July 31, 2010

Indiapost Garba

Garba staged during RPLI mela in Rajkot Head Postoffice premises.

For INFORMATION : " This Garba folk dance performed by women of Salem Sourashtra people.
In Salem Sourashtra dialect, the term
                            ' Garba ' is called as ' GebbeeL'.
( Northern Saurashtra = Garba
Southern Sourashtri = GebbeeL)  ( Ge - pronounced in short sound ie. hrasva)       
[ गेब्बीळ ] 

It is believed that, South Indian, sourashtra is older than todays' gujarati.  The south INdian sourashtri is pre-gujarati and pre-marathi.
Because, south indian sourashtra people migrated atleast before 1200 years towards south.  So their dialect also be older than gujarati and marathi.

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