Thursday, August 12, 2010

Birth of Konangi Natana

Birth of KONANGI Folk dance

Based on Tale/ Leela of Lord Krishna's story.....  After Demon King Kamsa's death, a Demon called Dantavakra taking oath to Kill Lord Krishna.  He does not need any weapon to fight, because of his power and his terribly big-teeth is his only dangerous weapon.    Demon Dantavakra  fought with his terrifying big teeth with Lord Krishna, and catched Lord Krishna's Chakra-weapon with his big teeth; when Krishna throwed to kill him. 

The demon Dantavakra is not able to open his mouth to release the Chakra; because if he open his mouth and loosen the Chakra, the rotating chakra will cut his mouth.  So he keep on stand for a long time with tightly bitten Chakra by his big teeth.  Though this inactive state/pose of demon is advantage to Lord Krishna to kill him easily, But  Lord Krishna wished and make a trick-plan to open his mouth.  Neither Lord Krishna wishes to Touch him nor to harm with his hand.  Lord Krishna wishes that the demon killed only with his Chakra.

Mean while already Lord Krishna felt bliss with Demons helpless pose Lord Krishna started to dance with humorous movement.  ON seeing humorous dance movement, the demon Dantavakra not able to control from laughter.  Demon started to laugh, then the Chakra-weapon cuts his mouth and killed.  From this incident the Folk dance called ' Konangi ' was born.  This dance called ' Konangi;' take birth from Lord Krishna's Dance. Konangi also called as The folk dance of Sourashtra people.

According to Bhagavatha Purana "  Dantavakra was foremorely Dwara palaka Jaya and Vijaya of  Vaikunda.  This TV Serial Shows why Jaya and Vijaya became demons as Hrinayaksh and Hiranya kasipu, Ravan and Kumabakarna, and Dantavakra and Sisupala..  The evidence of KONANGI folk dance spreaded over puranas and bhagavatham."

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